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From the desk of Ghaffar Variend


Thank you for completing the Memon Po!nt website Survey! We are pleased that you are very satisfied with our websites contents and the service we provide to the Memon Community. Our mission at Memon Po!nt is to provide unparalleled contents to enable our readers to be more informed about our community and culture. Your feedback about our websites contents and  service is a critical factor in helping us to achieve our mission.


Here is some of the feedback that we received from our visitors:

Through the years of observation since I was introduced to Memon Point, I have watched you in earnest working untiringly and sending out notices of Community interest, the demise of beloved ones, the birth of new ones, and joining of families through the union of marriage, I want to commend you in a way that I hope my Memon  phonics attempt will make you understand what I wish to convey with sincere good wishes and great respect for unselfish, kind and gentle people like you, working for the sake of HIS creation.

"Ou einke bou maan diya tho Einjo mehnit, ainjo mohabbat, ainjo kaam, Ethro thakleef ainjo dil meh har insaan jo thakleef ehsaan mehnat karoo tha. Ou ainke salute kara tho.

May ALLAH shower you with many rewards of Peace, Blessings, Good Health and children who are a "coolness to your eyes".

I am not sure I have expressed myself fully and deeply, but know this Ghaffar Bha, in a landful of people, there are only a few people like you who do such noble work without a need for "a pat on the back". IN SHA ALLAH, your reward will come when HE hands you the keys to your most favorite door.

May you have a wonderful and easy Ramadan and may HE light your home and the faces of your family with HIS NUR....... Jazakallah, Abdul Rehman Latib, Hendon, VA June 29, 2014.

"Glad to see another email from you.

I am reminded the unknown quote, “To give ‘value’ to others, you need to invest yourself". I could really relate this with you for your efforts and time that you are giving to Memon Point that is really valuable.

All Praise to Almighty ALLAH. I have been in touch with your emails and through your emails with Memons worldwide since 2009 when I left home for my study to Delhi. Always email from Memon Point was in my inbox but never I thought that the man who is involved in doing many thing and everything to improve community network and serving himself for his community is the owner of GV Pro Consulting and he is having profession where it is difficult to do this all. Just day before yesterday I came to know about you during surfing. Surprised!! I appreciate your work and enthusiasm!! Often, we find difficult to balance ourselves against the need of the society. Alhumdulillah, it feels good to see you, who concerned about giving his precious inputs and energy for the Memon community. Really, it motivates us to owe ourselves to be committed and involved as possible as for the society. May Allah give you abundant eternal reward and make ways for me, us and all to serve."  Sarfaraz Taibani, India.

"It is an excellent website providing information about Memon Culture, Heritage, Tradition, Literature, Identity and Memon Community in particular.
In order to have full resources of Memon Information, all Memon publications world wide should be downloaded on the web site in order to provide the information to Memons around the globe. Wish that this site be a unique Memon Encyclopedia for the Memon around the globe." Qasim Abbas, Toronto, Canada

"I think this is a very informative website about Memons, thank you. I would like to add that there is a wide community of Memons in the Arabian Gulf States, they are called Almaimany or Almemony. Their ancestors were mainly the Arabs who migrated from the Arabian peninsula and Iraq to Sindh accompanied with Sheikh Yousufudin Qadri in his mission to spread Islam in Sindh area. Also, there were those who were in the Mohammed bin Qasim Alsaqafi's Hamlah to Sindh. The Almaimany tribe in the Gulf had close ties with Memons in Sindh, there were inter marriages among the older generations and some spoke the Sindhi Language alongside their mother tongue. This is just a brief information I liked to share with you, wishing you all the best."  Hakim Sabbagh, Muscat, Oman.

"Your Web site is excellent but it still calls for improvement and updating. In the personalities, you have to include past and present personalities so as to enable the Memon youngsters to know about their elders who have contributed their might in making Memons known and their contributions in making of Pakistan etc. If you think that I can give names of such persons I will be happy to do it." Mustafa Lakhani, advocate and President Gohilwad Halai Memon Jamat, Karachi and past Vice-Chairman, Sindh bar Council and Past president, Memon Professional, Karachi, Pakistan.

"That is a good website,  I did not find any Memon social website like this which is continuously running." Shoaib Ghaziani, Karachi, Pakistan.

"This is a very useful website, one of its kind in North America. I learn a great deal about the Memon community, in historical context and current events. I applaud the efforts of all the brothers and sisters who are contributing to its maintenance. I Specially pay homage to Ghaffar Variend Bha. Keep up the good work." Haroon Rawalia, Montreal, Canada.

"We are very satisfied with the website and its service. We visit the website at least once a week and sometimes more often than that. We visit the website for getting knowledge and information about our Memon community. Your reporting is very useful and balanced. We thank Ghaffar Variend for his leadership. Please continue to do the good work. Thank you for your service to our community." Salim Moten, Cerritos, California.

"Great job Ghaffar Bhai. You are doing an excellent job in keeping all the community members informed. I always read your emails, because they are very helpful and serve a great purpose. Your devotion and hard work is greatly appreciated." Talat Rashid, Bolingbrook, Illinois  

"You are doing a wonderful job and I greatly appreciate it. But there is always room for improvement and so here is my wish list: 1. Aggressively Promoting Memoni Language in the younger generation (I stopped participating in Memon Association of Canada because everybody spoke either English or Urdu). 2. Launching a Memon Matrimonial site." Mohammed Salim, Toronto, Canada.

"I frequently visit your website. It is very informative. You have devoted enough of your precious times to reflect upon the activities of Memon community within U.S. and particularly in the city of Chicago, and I think Memon community does appreciate your good work. Furthermore, I believe Memon Point should establish a fund to utilize the website for some serious issues of Memons such as, Marriages, introducing individual family/s, shelter home/s for needy, guidance to solve individual status in U.S. and to render other emergency help, if required." Farooq Sayani, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Standing Salute to you "Keep up the good work" you are One Memon for all . Memon Point and you are the link to all Memons globally." Hussain Rokerya, Diamond Bar, California

"I am not a regular visitor of this website since I get regular email from Ghaffar Bha. However, I do visit occasionally to view the photos of any Memon events. This site is a point of contact and information for the Memon community. I would like to acknowledge the services of Ghaffar Variend Bha who is diligently maintaining this website. May Allah reward you for your services to the community." Mohammed Afzal Dhedhi, Bloomingdale, Illinois

"Dear Ghaffar Bhai you're doing an excellent job for the Memon community . Specially the website Memon Point . I love the memon history and all the other things in the website . Your research on Memon community and coverage on local events like birthday, wedding and Pakistani festival. "The website has all the good masala , the community news, music , Memon history, and much more." Just keep doing your work and you have my full support as a Memon brother. May Allah bless you for all the good work you do for the Memons." Saleem Cassim, Naperville, Illinois.

"I think you are doing a wonderful job informing your readers about what's going on in the Memon Community locally as well as Internationally. Masha-Allah you are doing a great job and wish you the best in your endeavor. Keep up the good job."  Dr. Siddique, Illinois

"very pleased with the site. we need all Memons from all countries to submit some of their activities on a monthly basis." Feizul Ayob, Pretoria west,  South Africa.

"I have recently started to visit your excellent website and was impressed by the information and the matter regarding Gujarati literatures and communities particularly the Memon community provided in the website. At this level, I would like to write that must be introduced to more people as I found many Pakistanis, particularly the memon, who have no idea of this valuable website. I, in my personal capacity and through Times Gujarati trying my best to introduce and publicize the website to new visitors." Abdul Sattar Khamosh, Chief Editor "Times Gujarati" Sub Editor : Daily Millat Gujarati, Karachi, President Pakistan Gujarati Journalists Association.

"Excellent & informative website keep it up. You are working very hard to keep the Memon community updated." Amin Naviwala, Carol Springs, Florida

"Great website!  Very refreshing to see people preserving and bringing the community together!  Keep up the good work!", Mohammed Anwar Gazi, Illinois





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