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Launching of Memon Website "Memon Po!nt "

December 28, 2006

It gives me great pleasure to announce the launching of an Independent Memon Website "Memon Po!nt " dedicated to the Memon Community News and Events as a non-profit Community service, hosted by Ghaffar Variend. Currently the website is under development and Inshaallah I will try to make it a very comprehensive site which will provide information and material on many subjects of interest to the community, including Islamic and religious subject matters.
I am looking forward to your support and sharing of information of our community to be posted on the Memon Po!nt " website.
Currently I am looking for Memon news reporters in and around United States of America and Canada dedicated and are willing to share the community news and events, please contact me at or directly at
You can find us through Google Search engine as well as many other search engines by simply typing Memon Point.
I have dedicated one full page to cover the News and Events of Memon Association of America (Chicago) on a regular basis.

Ghaffar Variend


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