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Karachi : January 10, 2010

  Is it a roadmap for peace?
  Book Review

    Name of the book           :                 The Memon Community —  Heritage and identity

    Author                            :                  Abdur Razzaq Thaplawala

    Reviewed by                    :                 Qaiser P Mufti

    Published by                    :                 Memon Book Foundation

    Pages                                :                 241

    Sponsored by                   :                 M/s Seatrade (Private) Limited


To download  the book, which is in four parts in PDF format, please click on the link  below and select  "save as"



Introduction, Part-IPart-II, Part-III.

The book is also available on Author's website

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Memon community is a very well-known community in the subcontinent of India and Pakistan as well as in South Africa, Middle East and some of the Western countries as a very enterprising business community. It has made and is making handsome contribution to social service as well as to growth of industry, trade and business in many countries. When one sees and reads about this community one feels that Allah Almighty is very generous and benevolent towards this community as they are usually humble, kind , generous and charitable. Pakistan, India and many countries in South Africa, Middle East and USA are filled with examples of mosques, hospital and schools built and operated by this community. The stalwarts of the community, the progress of this community, the noble deeds and noble ventures of these god fearing men and women who due to this nature are prospering in many countries of the world.

Abdur Razzaq Thaplawala — a prominent member of the Community and regular writer on community’s history, culture and heritage has been guided for writing this and other books by what Muhammad Ali Rangoonwala — a well-known businessman and industrialist of the community once said: “We need to know, our children and grand children need to know, where our ancestors came from and what they did.”

The book has been divided into 3 parts. The first part shows the history and heritage of the community. The 2nd part gives a detailed account to the Author’s visit to his Birth Place Bantva in 2005. The 3rd part highlights the need of the development Memoni Language into Roman Script and short Memoni prose and poetry by well-known writers in Roman Script. The book also contains geography, history and demography of well-known places in Gujrat Province in India to which the Memons originally in India belong. It discusses and highlights various charitable and welfare projects of the community.  

One of the most important is Memon Centre in South London. It contains the photographs of the messages of Queen Elizabeth, HRH, The Prince Charles and Mr. Tony Blair, Prime Minister of U.K. It also contains the photographs of different meetings of World Memon Organization, United Memon Jamaat of Pakistan, etc.

The book includes description of Jamaat and association of the community in different countries. The speciality of the book its photographs of President Ayub Khan inaugurating Dawood College of Engineering and Technology. Prime Minister Mr. Shaukat Aziz inaugurating Tabba Heart Institute. General Pervez Musharraf Inaugurated National Science Information Centre and Digital Library. The President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa with the delegates of the World Memon Organization.   

The photographs of different welfare projects including health clinic Botswana, Memon Colony, Bangalore, Memon Industrial and Technical Institute, Karachi, Baitul Mukarram, Dhaka, Mosque built by Memon Community in Nicagura, Central America and the mosque in Colombo. It also contains a number of photographs of visit of Quaid-i-Azam to Bantva for collection of Press Fund for Muslim League. The book is a valuable edition of literature on the Memon community and Mr. Thaplawala deserves appreciation for writing of the book.


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