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Food Recipes

Authentic Pakistani Recipes       

Master Cook


Islamic and Religious

Mosque Finder with Prayer Time

Alim on line

Aswat Al-Islam      

Book on a Description of Prophet's (SAW) Prayer

Amazing Holy Qur'an

Amazing Holy Qur'an on Screen   

Book of Collection of Dua'as in pdf format

Explanation of Soorat Al-Kahf     

Get A Hadith A Day

Guide for Zabiha Food

Gain Peace through Islam  

Islam Q&A   

Islamic Concerns

Islamic City   

Islamic Research Foundation By Zakir Naik

Islamic World Wide Web Links

Khutbah Bank in UK

Listen Qur'an and watch video

Muslim History in pdf

Muslim Marriage Guide in pdf (downloadable only)

Electronic Qur'an with Translation

Qur'an Explorer

Qur'an in Memoni (First 9 Surah)

Qur'an Online

Quran PDA

Qur'an and Modern Science

Ramadan Information

Ramadan and Fasting

Risalatul Islam

Saudi Arabia : The Middle East Media Research Institute

Tafheem-ul-Quran (Tafseer Vol 2 - Audio mp3)

Tanzeem e Islami

Zakaat Calculator

The Zakaat News

Greeting Cards

Islamic Greeting Cards 


Health Care - Useful Links

News Service


BBC News Service

Chicago Tribune

CNN News Service

Dawn English

Daily Jung (Urdu)

Friends of Pakistan

Herald News Paper

Learn about Pakistan

Millat News Paper

Muslim Democrat News

Pakistan News Service

Pakistan Business Recorder

Radio Pakistan

Radio India (Multi Lingual News)

Matrimonial Service

Islamic Foundation, Villa Park, IL

Memon Shadi, Toronto, Canada

Travel Related

 Call M I Travel Inc. Contact Iqbal @ 773-583.9100

Call Discount Travel Contact Sadiq @ 800-293-2937

Misc. Links

English to Gujarati Conversion

English to Gujarati and Gujarati to English Conversion

Kitab Ghar - House of Urdu Literature

Everything about Karachi

List of Natural Disasters around the Globe

The History of Karachi

Foreign Embassies in Washington, D.C.

International Currency Converter

Dubai Internet City

Your Real Age Calculator

Loans Calculator

Small Business Tools

Cricket Information

Welcome to The United Nations


Pakistani Patriotic Music

Pakistani Music

Desi Music from Chicago

Muziq Pakistan

Indian Desi Music

Smash Hits USA


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