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List of Memon organizations, Associations, Jamaats and Foundations:

bulletAll Pakistan Memon Federation 
bullet Bantva Memon Jamat
bullet Chicago Memon Association
bullet Cutchi Memon Community Online
bullet Cutchi Memon Jamat of North America
bullet Memon Association of America
bullet Dhoraji Youth Services Foundation
bullet Dhoraji Memon Jamat
bullet Dhoraji Association
bullet Ebrahim Bawany I.T. Institute run by Islamic Study Center in Vadodra, India
bullet Gohilwad Halai Memon Jamat
bullet Gondal Memon Association
bullet Jamnagar Memon Jamat
bullet Memon Association of Canada (MAC)
bullet Memon Association Georgia
bullet Memon Association of Sri Lanka
bullet Memon Association UK
bullet Memon Association UK Community Center
bullet Memon College (N.M.J.)
bullet Memon Industrial and Technical Institute

Memon Jamat of North America

bullet Memon Professional Forum
bullet Memon online UK
bullet Morbi Tankara Memon Association 
bullet Nasserpuria Memon Jamat, Canada
bullet Nasserpuria Memon Jamat, Mombasa
bullet Okhai Memon Jamat
bullet Okhai Memon Youth Services
bullet Pakistan Memon Educational and Welfare Society
bullet The Memon Chamber of Commerce
bullet Upleta Memon Association
bullet Vanthali Memon Association
bullet Veraval Patan Memon Anjuman
bullet World Memon Foundation
bullet World Memon Organization HQ
bullet World Memon Organization - Pakistan Chapter
bullet World Memon Organization - India Chapter
bullet WMO Youth Wing
bullet Z.V.M. Gany Rangoonwala Trust



List of Famous Memon Personalities and Families Websites:

bullet Abdur Razzaq Thaplawala
bullet Edhi Foundation by Abdul Sattar Edhi
bullet The Bawany Group
bullet The Dawood Group




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