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Memon History
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Memon History, Lohana Family History and Origin of Gujarati Language

Click on the link below to learn more about Memons

Wikipedia - Memons

Wikipedia - Bantva        Map of Bantva as it was in 1947

Wikipedia - Dhoraji

        Pakistan Memon Benefactors (A Page from Pakistan Memon History)

Books and Memoirs    <<<<<< click here

    Bantva, Birth Place revisited by Abdul Razzaq Thaplawala in 2005

    My Memoirs of Bantva Part I by Abdul Aziz Suleman

    My Memoirs of Bantva Part II by Abdul Aziz Suleman Modified as of October 1, 2009

    Map of Bantva as it was in 1947

    Glimpses of Life of late M.A. Sozer


Gujrati Sayings and Proverbs    <<<<<<< Click here


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